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Anti-Ageing Serums

A simple 3 step, twice daily regime for younger looking skin.

Handmade Incense

Superb incense made with essential oils from all around the world.

Hand Poured Candles

100% natural soy for a cleaner burn and better scent.

‘Artisan’ the meaning of

a worker in a skilled trade, especially one that involves making things by hand.

Product Spotlight

Anti Ageing Serums

3 Step Anti-Ageing Serums

A simple 2 step application in the morning and 3 step at night. 

Keep your existing cleanser, toner and moisturiser just add these serums to your current regime for guaranteed results.  

Step 1 | Vitamin C  –  Promotes collagen and antioxidant protecting against UV damage.

Step 2 | Hyaluronic Acid  –  Hydrates the skin for a more radiant and youthful look.

Step 3 | Retinol  –  Reduces fine lines and wrinkles by boosting collagen and elastin.

Re Incense

Handmade Incense

Re Incense is the premium Australian handmade incense using pure oils from Australia and all over the world.  

Re Incense sticks are crafted in Melbourne and offer superb scents to awaken and revive the soul.  Relax, unwind and allow the natural oils to lift you up to a place of warmth and love. 

There are 3 stick sizes available with burn time from 1 through to 4 hours.  

Re Incense, fill your life with wonder, experience change and raise your self to a higher place.

Signature Essential Oils

Australian Organic Essential Oils

A Signature Home and Beauty original range of 100% organic and wild harvested Australian essential oil blends suitable for aromatherapy.   

11 signature blends made right here in Australia presented in a 10ml bottle for only $19.90. 

  • Bliss | Calm | Comfort 
  • Indulgence | Revive | Romance
  • Seduction | Serenity | Tranquility 
  • Unwind | Vitality
Light Soy Candles

Hand Poured Soy Candles

Light Soy Candles are hand poured in a Geelong studio by Danielle a small business owner.  

She uses pure soy which is biodegradable, eco-friendly and non GMO.  Soy also burns cleaner and ‘throws’ scent better meaning you don’t need to be near the candle to smell the beautiful fragrance.  Lead free cotton wicks are complimented by a high quality glass jar and stylish black metal lid to suit any decor. 

These candles are available in 10 different fragrances, burn for more than 35 hours and are available for only $22.90.

About Signature Collections

Signature Home and Beauty is a small family business that is operated out of Werribee in Victoria.  We specialise in online retailing of Australian artisan products like you would find at your local weekend street market.  We support Australian small business that produce superb products at great prices. 

By shopping with us, you are supporting Australian small business and we thank you very much!

We also retail our own exclusive product range, click the links below for more. 

SkinEssentials | Body | Coffee

About Our Products

Hear from some of our happy customers… 

I really love the anti-ageing skin care I bought.  I did exactly as they say and added it to my current products and noticed a difference within weeks.  My skin definitely feels more hydrated, some of the finer lines around my eyes have vanished and I feel confident that the Vitamin C is protecting my skin.  Signature Body is around half of what you pay elsewhere but I feel great knowing it is made in Australia and I now trust the product based on my results. 


September 2021

I purchased the romance and bliss essential oils along with the waterless diffuser.  I’m impressed!  The oils are excellent quality and the nebuliser sprays a fine mist of the pure essential oil.  There is no need for water so there is no mess.  My house smells amazing! 


October 2021

I bought the Japanese Cherry Blossum soy candle and found it so easy to check out on Apple Pay.  Shipping was quick and the candle smells amazing!  It isn’t overpowering but gives the whole room a really great scent.  I’ll be back to try more. 


October 2021

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