3 Key Benefits of Essential Oils

Pure Organic Wild Harvested Essential Oils

Due to all the health issues plaguing the world today, people are paying more attention to their overall wellness. Because of this, organic essential oils have also become increasingly popular because of the benefits people attach to them.

But before we look at these positive effects, we need to know first what they are.

Organic essential oils are potent extracts from plants. To harvest them, manufacturers steam and/or press different parts of plants to draw out concentrated compounds. After this, the essence is combined with a carrier oil so it can be ready for use.

People believe that aside from their taste and scent, they also have amazing effects on our bodies. This is why essential oils have become trending topics in various media. Fitness experts, celebrities, users, and even sellers swear by improvements in their health.

However, they are extra careful in saying that these can serve as medicine. Despite the benefits, they cannot make any therapeutic claim because we need to see more scientific and medical studies.

People often use them for aromatherapy or application on their skin. This depends on the different kinds of oils that are available. Among the most popular oils are lavender, rose, peppermint, tea tree, and jasmine, amongst others.

So what are the most common benefits of essential oils?

They help regulate your sleep.

Since sleep is a crucial part of our well-being, people go to great lengths to improve theirs. This is because when we get quality ZZZs, we become more alert and creative. Our weight, memory, and attention also benefit.

However, having some sort of sleep problem is common among many people.

The causes of this issue are varied. Some cannot sleep well because of physical complications like muscle pains or headaches. For others, the culprit is a medical condition like sleep apnea. It is also not rare for a segment of our population to have psychological issues which affect the quality of their ZZZs.

For some people though, it can be as simple as environmental disturbances like loud noises and bright lights.

Even if organic essential oils cannot address each of these, users claim that essential oils have helped calm them down so they can relax better. Since their mind and body are at peace, this results in dozing off faster.

People also report that even their quality of sleep has improved. In the past, it would be common for them to wake up several times at night. But ever since they applied essential oils on certain parts of their body or diffused them in the room, such was no longer a problem.

Organic essential oils that people use for this purpose are:

  • Sandalwood – Makes you feel more relaxed and calms your nerves
  • Ylang-ylang – Has a calming effect, some use it as a sedative
  • Jasmine – Helps people who are restless when they sleep
  • Clary sage – Aids in regulating stress hormones
  • Chamomile – Has relaxing properties

They help with skin problems.

According to studies, skin diseases are more common than we think. It is the number four most common cause of illness in people. Despite this, those who are affected rarely do something to treat their conditions.

Since essential oils come from natural sources, many advocate for their use in aiding skin issues. According to those who promote these essences, they are helpful to people who have dry and itchy skin, eczema, or even rashes.

Why do people think they are effective? For one, as we have mentioned, they are not synthetic products. Also, depending on specific extracts, some have properties that fight bacteria and fungi. In addition, a few types of essential oils have antioxidants.

Among the oils that are great for skin are:

  • Jasmine – Helps treat dry skin and lessen visible signs of skin aging
  • Bergamot – Soothes the skin and helps calm sensitive skin
  • Cinnamon – Helps with rashes
  • Clove bud – Reduces itching
  • Eucalyptus – Relieves acne, wounds, and insect bites

They help reduce stress and anxiety.

With everything that is happening around us, we could all use a little help in managing our stress levels. People from all walks of life, regardless of their social status or income level, face different kinds of pressure. Sometimes, they just add up and can overwhelm us.

This is the reason why meditation and wellness experts also turn to essential oils. They attest to how these plant extracts have become their natural go-to “anti-anxiety meds”.

So because of the positive effects in their lives, it has become a mission to so many to spread this information. Again, medical experts emphasize that these are not medicines and people must ask their doctors.

But people are also free to express themselves and share testimonies.

According to them, these oils make them happy. Some report that the effect on them is that they become more optimistic. Smelling them in their cars, homes, and offices calms their nerves.

To help with their mental health, people often turn to:

  • Orange – Creates a relaxing state for those who smell the essence
  • Rose – Helps with relaxation
  • Lavender – Aids in calming people during high-stress periods
  • Lemongrass – Relaxes the body and mind


Medical and scientific experts still do not classify organic essential oils as medicine. This means that those who sell them cannot claim that they specifically treat illnesses or health conditions.

However, people who use them also claim that essential oils have given them many benefits. Though they are not medicine, they are natural preventive health aids that help them with their everyday life.

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