Light Soy Candles – Original – JAPANESE CHERRY BLOSSUM

Hand poured, pure soy candles which are biodegradable and eco-friendly.  Lead free cotton wicks with a high quality glass jar and stylish metal black lid.


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Light Soy Candles, hand poured in Geelong, Victoria. Japanese Cherry Blossom- A combination of pink Japanese cherry blossoms and mimosa petals balanced out with vanilla, oriental woods and tonka beans.

Hand poured and pure soy which is biodegradable, eco-friendly and non GMO.  Lead free cotton wicks are used and the high quality glass jar is fitted with a stylish metal black lid.  Soy not only burns cleaner, it also helps throw scent better so you don’t have to be close the candle.

Burn time: 35+ hours

Candle Care

The initial burn is critical, so leave your candle burning for at least an hour, or until the top layer of wax has completely melted all the way to the glass’s edge. Wax has a memory, so if you only burn it for a short period of time, it will only burn as far the next time you ignite it. The result is a gaping tunnel along the centre, and the majority of the wax around the jar is wasted!

Care for Wicks

Before you light it, you should also trim your wick to roughly 6mm (except the first light). The longer the wick, the faster it will burn and you will run out sooner. It also aids in the removal of any black smoke and the prevention of the glass from overheating.

Further Care

When not using your Light Soy Candle, keep it clean.  Remove any debris or wick fragments that may cause your candle to flicker (resulting in a blackened glass) and replace the lid when you’re finished.

Don’t burn for more than 3 hours, and be careful touching the glass because it can get pretty hot.

While burning your candle, keep it away from draughts and air conditioners.

If you don’t have a snuffer, softly blow it out with your mouth.

Finally, RECYCLE, REUSE, and UPCYCLE your glass. It can be used for a variety of purposes after being washed in warm soapy water.


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